Frequently Asked Questions

What is Christopher Inn International?
Christopher Inn International is a unique international destination offering refreshment, formation, and fraternity exclusively for Catholic clergy. It is a lay-driven initiative, completely funded and operated by laity as a gift to the priests and bishops of the Catholic Church.

Will Christopher Inn be a retreat center?
Christopher Inn is not a retreat center, but rather a place of refreshment, recreation and spiritual renewal. It will give priests a chance to deepen bonds of fellowship with their brothers in the priesthood. Christopher Inn will offer opportunities for the four kinds of ongoing personal formation that the Church desires for her priests: human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral. The goal is to provide an experience that enriches the priest in an integrated way—in every dimension of his life and ministry.

Who will be establishing the formation program for the Christopher Inn?
The formation program will be established under the direction of a member of the clergy who will serve as an on-site Director of Formation.

Will Christopher Inn be a place for priests in crisis?
Christopher Inn International is not intended as a rehabilitation facility. Instead, it will offer the renewal and formation opportunities that all healthy priests need to continue serving the faithful and to grow in personal sanctity.

Will Christopher Inn be a Catholic educational institution?
Christopher Inn International will not be an accredited educational institution; however, priests will engage in ongoing personal formation. Courses will be presented by priests, bishops, and other experts to offer guests practical resources in various dimensions of priestly life and ministry.

Is Christopher Inn a reaction to Catholic abuse scandals?
Christopher Inn International had its genesis in 1997, five years before the sexual abuse scandals came to the foreground in Boston in 2002. Rather than being a reaction to scandal, Christopher Inn is a new response to the perennial need of clergy for refreshment, renewal and ongoing personal formation.

Does Christopher Inn already own property in Ireland?
Christopher Inn has not yet acquired property in Ireland. The properties shown on this website are not owned by Christopher Inn, Inc., and are displayed only to demonstrate the kind of property that Christopher Inn, Inc., plans to obtain.

Are there already places like the Christopher Inn to serve priests?
There are places of retreat for priests, places of formation for priests, places for priestly sabbaticals, and some dioceses offer a place to priests for relaxation and refreshment, but, as far as we are aware, there are no places to serve priests in the unique way that Christopher Inn will. What makes Christopher Inn unique is an integrated approach — offering refreshment, ongoing personal formation, and priestly fraternity — in order to serve priests in every dimension of their life and ministry.

Who funds Christopher Inn?
The funding of Christopher Inn International will be provided by the generosity of private lay donors who desire to respond to the gift of the priesthood with a gift of their own: a place for priests to be renewed, refreshed, and personally formed for their life and ministry. Christopher Inn does not receive any funds from the formal structures of the Catholic Church.

A gift on the part of laypeople to the Church's priests: a unique international destination offering refreshment, formation and fraternity for Catholic clergy.
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