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   riests will be able to engage in ongoing personal formation in a non-institutional setting, following a program that meets their particular needs. Courses will be organized and conducted by bishops, priests, theologians, and experts in various areas of priestly life and ministry.

Human Formation

“The priest should be able to know the depth of the human heart, to perceive difficulties and problems, to make meeting and dialogue easy, to create trust and cooperation, to express serene and objective judgements.”1

Spiritual Formation

“[Spiritual formation] introduces [the priest] to a deep communion with Jesus Christ, the good shepherd, and leads to the total submission of one’s life to the Spirit, in a filial attitude toward the Father and a trustful attachment to the Church.”2

Intellectual Formation

“[Intellectual formation] is a fundamental demand of the human intelligence by which one ‘participates in the light of God’s mind’ and seeks to acquire a wisdom which in turn opens to and is directed toward knowing and adhering to God.”3

Pastoral Formation

“[Pastoral formation] initiate[s] the candidate into the sensitivity of being a shepherd, in the conscious and mature assumption of his responsibilities, in the interior habit of evaluating problems and establishing priorities and looking for solutions on the basis of honest motivations of faith and according to the theological demands inherent in pastoral work.”4

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