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The Mission

   he Christopher Inn International seeks to provide Catholic bishops and priests with an international setting in which to experience the presbyterate1 as a universal community of pastors2 helping one another, fellow pilgrims in solidarity of faith and service. ┬áThe natural beauty of this environment will provide relaxation and an ideal setting for the priest to continue his ongoing personal formation3—human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral—and to strengthen his sense of communion with all the brothers in the presbyterate.

The Vision

The Place

  • “House for clerics”4
  • Spacious, private, secure environment
  • Beautiful, peaceful, dignified, yet comfortable and non-institutional
  • Extensive library with materials specific to priesthood and priestly ministry
  • Conference rooms or other large rooms suitable for conferences/discussion
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Extensive grounds suitable for various types of exercise, relaxation and meditation
  • Recreation—offering a number of opportunities for physical recreation
  • Media available—video library, archived courses, etc.
  • Use of technology—to form, inform, unite, connect, and encourage
  • Guest rooms—gracious, yet simply decorated

The Guests

  • Exclusively for Catholic bishops and priests
  • Cardinals
  • Bishops
  • Priests

The Formation Course

  • On-going personal formation: human, spiritual, intellectual, pastoral
  • Established by bishops, priests, theologians and other experts in priestly life and ministry
  • Responsive to the particular needs of priests and bishops from around the world
  • Under the direction of an on-site priest Director of Formation
  • Practical, non-accredited, in a non-institutional setting
  • Multiple courses offered each week
  • One week, two week, and ten week courses available
  • Responsive to the particular needs of priests in different areas of the world
  • Sabbaticals6—three or six months
  • Presenters available after sessions
  • Confessors and spiritual directors available on-site

Down Time

  • Chapel with reservation of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Plenty of time for relaxation, meditation, recreation, and priestly fraternity

The Presenters/Faculty

  • Bishops, priests, theologians and experts in appropriate fields7

The Management/Staff

  • Lay people provide and maintain the place8 where bishops and priests can come together for ongoing personal formation, priestly fraternity, relaxation, and recreation
  • Executive Board
  • Lay operated
  • Lay funded


  • Business Advisors—international business professionals to include: legal, financial, non-profit, investment
  • Formation Advisors—cardinals, bishops, priests, theologians, and professionals in appropriate fields

The Support

  • Donations accepted worldwide
  • Goods donated—internationally
  • Endowments—Operational and Scholarship
  • 10% tithe to support Third World seminarians and priests
  • Scholarships available to those in need
  • Laity encouraged to gift priests with a stay at The Christopher Inn
  • Gift certificates available for purchase

The Website

   he Christopher Inn International will also offer ongoing support to Catholic clergy through its website—CI Online.

CI Online is envisioned as a web-based resource dedicated to assisting priests in continuing the “fiat” to God that is at the heart of their vocation. Catholic clergy worldwide will be able to use CI Online to communicate with each other, share knowledge and advice related to pastoral concerns, support one another in priestly ministry, and engage in ongoing personal formation.

CI Online will avoid entering into the fray of theological and ecclesiastical disputes because it is envisioned as a site which should lift the spirits of all priests. CI Online will endeavor to present the Church in its teachings, sacraments, and charity as that “pearl of great price” which is a great gift of God to the world. The site, while addressing the difficulties and challenges priests sometimes face, will seek to convey the honor and privilege all priests share in their role as “other Christs.”

CI Online has as its target audience Catholic bishops and priests, and access to the site will be limited to Catholic clergy. The website will take full advantage of technologies emerging within the Internet. Content will be well-organized and frequently updated.

CI Online takes its cue from the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, which has released numerous documents over the past decade on putting the Internet to use for the service of the Church and the new evangelization: Church and Internet, Ethics in Internet, and Internet and Evangelization, to name a few.

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