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   hristopher Inn International is a gift from the faithful to the Church’s priests... a gesture of thanksgiving to God for the gift of the priesthood. It will be a place for Catholic bishops and priests to be refreshed, to engage in ongoing personal formation, and to experience the richness of priestly fraternity on an international scale. Set in the natural beauty of Ireland, a land with a rich history of saints and scholars, the Christopher Inn will provide a serene, spacious and holy place in which priests can deepen their awareness of being configured to Christ for the service of His people.

a unique international destination offering refreshment, formation and fraternity exclusiverly for Catholic clergy

Throughout the Catholic Church’s two-thousand-year history, the faithful have received countless gifts of Christ’s grace through the hands and hearts of His priests. Priests have baptized us, nourished us with the Eucharist, served as ministers of Christ’s forgiving and healing love, witnessed our marriages, taught and counseled us, and prepared our loved ones for their journey home to the Father. Through the offering of their lives, priests have made it possible for us to experience the richness of God's love in the sacraments of the Church. Their very presence witnesses the reality of Christ the Good Shepherd in our midst.

The mission of Christopher Inn International is born of gratitude, and the mission is simple: to encourage and sustain priests in their vital service of shepherding the faithful. Priests need refreshment, opportunities for continued spiritual and intellectual development, and the chance to deepen bonds of fellowship with their brothers in the priesthood. Christopher Inn will offer all of these opportunities on-site, and will also provide a website for priests to continue their personal formation, to communicate with each other, and to assist one another with their knowledge and experience.

— Christopher Inn, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation —